Flood Map 2.0 - Map Change Scenarios
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There is usually a 6- to 12-month period between the time the new “preliminary” maps are issued and the time that they are implemented. Talk with your insureds as they must act during this time period to protect their property and, possibly, save on flood insurance. FEMA’s Understanding Preliminary Flood Hazard Maps Fact Sheet.
Properties may be newly mapped from a low- to moderate-risk flood zone (B, C, or X) into a high-risk flood zone (A zone). Other properties may move from a high-risk flood zone (A or AE zone) to an even higher-risk flood zone (V or VE zone). Some will be mapped into a lower-risk flood zone (B, C, or X), and some will not be affected at all. When a community’s flood map is updated, both the flood risk and building or insurance requirements may change. The flood risk may become higher or lower, which can affect what property owners pay for flood insurance. For instance, homeowners in high-risk areas may be required by law to obtain flood insurance. At the same time, homes remapped into lower-risk zones may qualify for insurance at a lower rate.
How Flood Map Changes Impact Flood Insurance