Map Changes - Understanding the Basics
Why Flood Maps Change
Flood hazards and water flow can change frequently as a result of weather patterns, erosion, and new land use and community development or by natural forces such as wildfires and mudslides. Levees and dams may be impacted by changes over time and, as a result, increase flood risk. Click here for more information regarding flood mapping hazards.

FEMA uses the latest technology to update and issue new FIRMs as part of a nationwide effort called The Risk Mapping Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) aimed at helping communities understand their true risk.

Close_Blue.svgFlood Fact

Floods can happen anywhere. In fact, 98 percent of counties in the United States have experienced a flood and more than 25 percent of flood claims come from properties outside the high-risk flood zones.
Flood Fact Statistics attributed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency